Candle Bar


Our Candle Bar is a sensory experience, we want to give you an aroma very true to reality, with a colorful, and fun appearance. Each cocktail can transport you to where you were enjoying each of these mixed drinks. It makes you remember the flavor of your memories from a day at the beach, or a pool party with family and friends.  

When you smell something for the first time, you unconsciously link it to an event, a person, an object, a moment, or a place. Your brain forges an association between the aroma and a memory. For example: the smell of a Mojito on your Caribbean vacation last summer, or the fragrance of a Margarita with tons of lime and Tequila celebrating Cinco de Mayo by the pool on a sunny day.    

This special line of hand-poured soy candles is all about fun and fragrances. A vibrant set of color combinations have been chosen for each of the cocktails. Candles that are a perfect match for the look of real cocktails and that helps to enhance the experience. Additionally, our cool label graphics complement its beauty and accentuate its presentation. 

Fill your room with any of these bold, fruity, tropical combinations at any time of the year and not only will you flood the room with an intense and fun aroma, but also with memories of sunny days and friends. Share this experience with your loved ones by giving them a piece of joy. 

This collection is environmentally friendly, our candles are hand poured in USA. The glasses which are made in USA can be reused or recycled after the candle is finished. The main label is printed in USA by a very innovative company using a certified compostable paper with a recycle-compatible adhesive, and our warnings and recommendations labels are printed on tree-free material made from sugarcane waste fiber, which are also certified compostable.

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