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Astrid Lentino and Gustavo Grosso spouses, lovers of music, traveling, books and numbers; Katherine Lentino instead passionate about travel and gastronomy, all dreamers and walkers of life but with a common goal, to have their own place to create, inspire and help.

This is how in the year 2018 with this idea they decided to produce ecological candles with scents that help to give balance to people. They started learning, testing and developing their own line of products with low impact in the environment and creative designs that will make people feel special. Their beginnings in the City of Bogotá, where Katherine was in charge of development, production and sales and Astrid with research, marketing, and finance were full of excitement and hard work.

For personal reasons the Colombian couple resides in the city of Miami and after a year working with the project in Bogota Colombia they decided in 2019 that it is in Miami where INSPIRATION DESIGN LAB can keep growing and have more options to fulfill their mission of inspire people to connect with their best selves with natural and eco-friendly products.

The beautiful design, the aromas, the sophisticated taste, and the love for nature with affordable prices, have opened the doors of South Florida for these Colombians who among their plans, their goal is to contribute to the community that has seen them grow, teaching and creating spaces of knowledge, creativity and inspiration.


We make our candles with soy wax produced from American-grown soy beans.

Soy wax is based on renewable vegetable sources. In the U.S., soybean production has environmental best practices, most growers participate in certified and audited sustainability and conservation programs.

Wide range of fragrances infused with essential oils that invite us to relax and rest.

Our product - because it has a lower melting point (40 ° -45 °) - reduces the risk of burns and makes them useful for body massages.

At this time we have the following lines of products:

Aromatherapy: Energy, Tranquility, Concentration and Romance

Coffee: Coffee cups, Tea Cups and Desserts.

Spa: Passion, Day at the spa, Sea Breeze, Harmony, Intense vanilla and Idyll.

Candle Bar: Sangría, Mimosa & Mandarin, Sex on the Beach, Margarita, Mint Mojito and Amaretto.

Home: Fresh: To capture and eliminate bad odors.

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