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Inspiration is a company founded by Astrid, Katherine and Gustavo. Our goal was to create a product that had minimal to no impact in our environment that could serve as companion and as a mean of showing affection, and after a year of research Inspiration Candles was born. We took care on selecting our raw materials, starting from our wax: 100% Soy wax made with American-grown soybeans, our containers: Reusable and recyclable containers made in USA, fragrances: free of phthalates infused with essential oils and labels: certified Compostable in accordance with ASTM D6400 and EN13432, non GMO, made with bioplastic created from tree pulp, sugarcane waste fiber or 100% recycled, recycle-compatible adhesive, produced in USA by PURElabels.

But we didn’t stop just in our raw materials, we acknowledge that as manufacturers we can do more to help, and we decided to handcraft our product locally, in Miami, to not use plasticized boxes or plastic bags and to not test our products on animals or plants.

We hope that with our products, people realize the impact they can have in the environment and in their local communities. With our candles, we want people to feel that we all can be better and that we can strive to be our better self every day.

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