Soy Candles Eco-Friendly Alternative



Soy candles are made from the wax of this legume, a recent discovery dating back to the year 1991 when Michael Richards looking for a cheaper option than beeswax and also ecological, made this finding.
He obtained the soy wax from its grain, from this an oil was extracted that later became solid fat; This is how in 1995 The Body shop a British company founded in 1976 focused on cosmetics, skincare and perfumes with a chain of national stores, was the first one to bring them out to the general public.

Until now is the most sustainable ecological alternative for the environment; It is 100% natural, do not emit toxic substances into the air, it is from a renewable resource,  have a longer durability, have a lower melting point and therefore reduce the risk of burns.

Inspiration Candles is a sustainable brand committed with the environment, that is why its founders Katherine, Astrid and Gustavo decided to bring their project to life with the help of that material that has become the inspiration for their craft creations, with products such as its Candle bar, Spa, Coffee or Aromatherapy line; which they have manufactured with dedication and care, giving special and delicate touches to each product.

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