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Subtle and cozy fragrance, designed to relax and reduce stress levels, is a perfect combination of essences that creates a soothing and relaxing synergy that reduce tension and anxiety at any time.

This calming and soothing candle is a blend of delightful floral and herbal scents, comforting lavender, soothing chamomile and white sage are the perfect combination for a deep relaxation mood accompanied with the right amount of rosemary, camellia leaf, rose petals, soft cedar wood, Musk and California Lemon to help calm nerves and ease tension.

You can incorporate it into your routine at the end of the day to feel all its benefits while unwinding of a busy day, let Tranquility by Inspiration fill your room with its soothing fragrance and don't have any problems falling asleep.

Settles your nervous system when stressed.

Natural soy wax made with American-grown soybeans

High quality oil fragrances free of phthalates and infused with essential oils.

Produced in U.S.A: Hand-poured in Miami FL

Compostable labels, reusable and recyclable containers made in USA, no plasticized boxes or plastic bags


250 gr – Double cotton wick – 40-45 Hours

150gr  - Single cotton wick – 35 – Hours

60 gr – Single cotton wick – 20 - Hours

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