The word "Aromatherapy" indicates us to work with aromas, perfumes, smells, to improve our quality of life. The most effective way to do this is using Essential oils, since they are highly concentrated extracts obtained by distilling the leaves, stems, flowers, bark or roots of aromatic plants and are backed by scientific evidence in the treatment of various pathologies.

Essential oils generate various repairing effects in humans, either when inhaled or when applied to our bodies.

Citrus essential oils revitalize the energy of everyday life, they are the best to activate all our senses, they lift our spirits and bring positive thoughts, they also calm anxiety and depression.


 The perfect way to start the week is lighting your energy candle, it contains citrus essential oils that cause beneficial effects on our body.


Lemon: It can help clear the mind in states of "overwhelm" or a lot of intellectual activity. It is also considered stimulating and energizing in states of fatigue.


Orange: Indicated in states of exhaustion or nervous disorders. It calms nervous tension and helps prevent insomnia.


Tangerine: It is recommended in states of insomnia or irritability. Some even claim that it improves good humor and optimism!

In case you want to use the candle for massages, citrus oils are also known to calm muscle aches. Our energy candle is made with natural soy wax and essential oils of green tea, orange, tangerine, lemongrass, grapefruit, lemon, citron and citronella. Light the candle, with the heat the soy begins to melt generating a warm oil, with this you can massage the area where you feel pain and feel how essential oils do their job


  • 100% SOY WAX: Natural vegetable-based wax, don’t let toxins get in to your house, Soy wax is free of toxic chemicals, enjoy a cleaner and longer burn with reduction in soot and improved fragrance loading.. non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan.
  • STRONG YET GENTLE SCENT: Evoke memories and emotions, we have selected intense fragrances with exceptional performance and free of toxins (phthalate-free).
  • HAND CRAFTED IN THE USA: Hand-poured in small batches with carefully selected raw materials locally produced with a responsible and sustainable supply chain.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY FEATURES: Compostable Labels produced in America, vegetable wax from American-grown soybeans: most growers participate in certified and audited sustainability and conservation programs, non toxic fragrances, reusable and recyclable containers.
  • WE CARE: We care about the well-being of our customers and the effects that our products will have in them and We care for our planet and we understand the impact of our decisions as manufacturers.